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Watch! Magazine interviews Dr. Bissoon on his Top 5 Anti-Aging Tips for Men

Watch! Magazine got in touch with Dr. Bissoon to find out his top 5 anti-aging tips for men. Read the article below, or download the article in its full form.

The Top 5 Tips for Men on Looking, Living and Loving Better

After years of getting away with murder when it came to their physical appearance and health (wrinkles = wisdom, wide girth = wealth), men are finally seeing the benefits of looking and feeling better. Whether it’s caused by the unforgiving focus of a high- definition lens (hello, age spots!) or some not-so-gentle henpecking from a concerned and healthier spouse, it’s clear that it’s now time for those with the y chromosome to get off the couch, get in in shape and get sexier in the sack.

We asked Lionel Bissoon, DO, New York’s anti-aging guru and author of The Cellulite Cure, for his top five tips when it comes to getting a new lease on your looks and libido. With a little effort, you might be able to rival Arrow star Stephen Amell (pictured).


“Men usually don’t think they can benefit from Botox, and leave the needles to women. But what if it could give you an edge in the boardroom? Lifting an eyebrow, furrowing your forehead and squinting may be involuntary, but those across the conference room table could misread your expressions. Botox can take away or diminish these unwanted reactions and help you improve your business game.”


“If you’re experiencing symptoms of fatigue and a decreased ability to focus, consider being evaluated for a hormonal deficiency, which includes thyroid hormone, growth hormone and testosterone deficiencies. (Hypothyroidism is a common cause of fatigue, decreased energy and weight gain.) Such deficiencies can be detected by a simple blood test. Once the study is completed, your doctor will make the appropriate recommendations.”


“I see many men who complain of decreased to no libido. (Men are more willing to talk about this than to seek help for wrinkles or sagging skin!) Decreased testosterone governs loss of libido and erectile function, so you may want to have your doctor check your total and free testosterone levels. Most doctors only check the ‘total T’ and not the ‘free T,’ which is the bioavailable testosterone for your body to use. Testosterone replacement therapy should result in a healthy libido.”


“Many men are reluctant to have a face- lift or any invasive surgical procedure to improve their appearance. Ultherapy is one alternative—an FDA-approved, nonsurgical procedure that uses ultrasound to tone and tighten sagging skin. There is no downtime, and you can return to work after the treatment. The results can occur immediately, but will continue to evolve over three months. The procedure is a bit uncomfortable, but this is easily managed by taking a pain medication before the treatment.”


“The DermaSweep epi-infusion can help bring a youthful glow back to your cheeks. it offers microdermabrasion to remove layers of dead skin, a chemical peel, and an infusion of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid or a multivitamin. This treatment improves skin’s texture and appearance and will help get rid of hyperpigmented spots on the face and neck.”

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