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How Wall Street and tech bros are staying forever young: Dr. Lionel Bissoon's interview with New Yor

Want to know how to stay young, fit and energized? Learn how all the major New York executives do it in Dr. Lionel Bissoon's interview with the New York Post, "How Wall Street and tech bros are staying forever young." 
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HGH Treatment - Providing an Edge for Executives

Cass Almendral, a 56-year old business owner in New York, was experiencing issues with arthritis and energy levels until he found a medical specialist who treated him with hormones. His new energy has changed everything, including how he runs his business: “Imagine if you could have the experience and the wealth of a 50-year-old and the energy of a 20-year-old. Instead of winding [my business] down and trying to maintain, I’m growing [it] again.”

While most people think of hormone treatment and HGH as a way for athletes to improve their game, the truth is that many people don't produce hormones properly and need hormone replacement therapy. Most of New York's executives and business owners are candidates for HGH treatment and are now using HGH injections to stay younger, increase energy, grow muscle, and reduce fat.

Business Owners Seeking Energy Post-Recession

Dr. Lionel Bissoon, who specializes in hormone treatment, noticed a rise in HGH demand after the economic recession back in 2008 - and the uptick continues to this day.

"People started worrying about their jobs," Lionel explained to the New York Post. Before, only a few patients sought out HGH treatment.

Dr. Bissoon has been practicing preventative medicine and treating patients with hormone replacement therapy for 20 years.  He was recently featured in the Forbes article "How Concierge Medicine Saved My Life" detailing his treatment of a New York executive who was suffering from a host of issues including fatigue, weight gain, and GI issues. The patient wasn't producing their own growth hormone properly, so in addition to eradicating a parasite and changing medication and diet, Dr. Bissoon prescribed HGH injections.

Getting Treated with HGH

Patients who seek out Dr. Bissoon start with a 90-minute consultation. If he suspects a patient may be suffering from a growth hormone deficiency, he'll order a hormone stimulation test. A stim test examines if the pituitary gland properly releases HGH. If the test shows that the patient doesn't produce their own HGH correctly, only then will Dr. Bissoon prescribe injections. 

“When I went to see Dr. Bissoon [six years ago], I was worn down — I was having panic attacks, I wasn’t sleeping well. I was putting the work in, and the quality of my work wasn’t as sharp as I needed it to be,” explained 41-year-old Frank, a patient of Dr. Bissoon's. Though he had never heard of HGH treatment before his consultation,  according to the New York post, "he was open-minded about hormone-replacement therapy once his tests revealed he was HGH-deficient."

Now, Frank is more productive, happy, and energetic. HGH helped return him to his natural energy levels. Friends who haven't seen him in a while instantly notice his changed demeanor. His wife even noticed he was regaining his six-pack.

Hormone imbalance in men can lead to a variety of illnesses including mood swings, depression, decreased energy, reduced muscle mass and bone density, and anemia. These symptoms are all treatable and even reversible with hormone replacement therapy or HGH.  

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